Security Stations: Your Ticket to Safe Travels

Modern Airport Interior

Whether they’re heading to San Francisco on vacation or Chicago for business, every passenger hopes for safe travels. So do friends, family, and colleagues who send them off with the familiar well wish  “have a safe trip”!

Yet, with 9/11 still fresh in travelers’ minds and more recent global terrorist attacks, guaranteeing the safety of these trips is even more important, and challenging, than ever. It requires developing a security culture where people matter more than technology. A culture that extends beyond the staff of stakeholder organizations, to everyday passengers. Potentially one of the most under-utilized resources available to security managers, is the eyes and ears of employees and visitors to their facilities. So combining these resources is a winning strategy that helps anticipate both security and safety issues. For all staff, stakeholders, and passengers, the principle of “if you see something, say something” needs to be repeated on a regular basis to keep everyone alert to possible dangers, and informed about how and to whom issues should be reported.

Even an unsuccessful terrorist attack has the potential to interrupt business and damage customer confidence. At the same time, criminal elements also seek to exploit weaknesses in security routines to maintain their criminal operations, whether small-scale thefts or large-scale organized crime.

So a strong security culture is essential not just in airports, but anywhere transport and travel occur. That includes train stations, subway systems, and seaports that service both commercial cargo and passengers.

Although some terrorists have recently turned to areas where people aren’t screened, like baggage claim or check-in areas, the security station is still a key element in the security culture of any transportation hub. It’s a checkpoint designed to keep threats out and people safe. A leading supplier of these stations, The Security Station provides innovative, high-quality security equipment for all types of transportation hubs.

In the 2018 TSA’s “Biennial National Strategy for Transportation Security“, they list Physical Security  as Priority 1 in managing risks from terrorist attacks, even above weapons detection. Security Station equipment can be a key part of your barrier and access control system and in creating  your checkpoint station.

Security Stations

The Security Station offers many kiosks and podiums to beef up your security team that will help them stay organized and professional. Since 9/11, safety has been a growing concern for many travelers and transit providers. Make a bold statement about your commitment to security by providing the right equipment for your team. A security podium may also bolster security presence and make travelers feel more at ease. The environment around us has a great impact on how we feel, in this case, the presence of security should make us feel safe.

The Portable Professional Security Desk

The Portable Professional Security Desk pairs the quality of a built-in command station with the advantage of mobility. A security team does not always have to be at a fixed position for optimum safety.

This Portable Professional Security desk is electronics ready with a vented cage for PC tower, grommets and wires, plus a fold-down drawer for the keyboard. There’s even an optional USB charging station with four ports and an optional rechargeable high-capacity battery for power supply.

portable professional security desk features


If your security team is using video monitoring, radios, or needing space to lock up equipment, this kiosk is for you. The Portable Professional Security Desk benefits include:

  • Integrated LED option
  • Electronics ready
  • Kick plate conceals casters from view, so it looks more prominent
  • 2 locking casters help podium stay in place
  • 4 cam locks w/ keys
  • Replaceable parts

The Modern Security Podium

The Modern Security Podium is perfect for a security team that has less of a need for a larger workspace surface. This podium has a modern, clean design. It’s electronics ready and has plenty of room for storage. The podium’s upscale design makes your station stand out from the crowd and works as a hub that meets all of your security needs.

Modern Security Podium front and back

The Modern Security Podium was designed to appeal to the upscale facade that many businesses and transport centers desire. The Modern Security Podium’s features include:

Your security staff should have the equipment they need to be ready for action in an emergency. The Security Station encourages this and more! Combine your security and valet podiums to create a unique, safe, and convenient service for travelers in your area.
The need for safety is crucial to travelers who put their lives in the hands of others when they enter a transport hub. With the equipment available from The Security Station, you can offer this one-of-a-kind experience. Contact The Security Station today at 877-753-5971 and work with us to design your custom security solution.