The Security Station’s Warranty

Reliable equipment. 100% Guaranteed.

It’s our mission at The Security Station to constantly seek out new ways to provide value for you, our customer.

When we asked ourselves how we could do a better job of that, we realized that nothing would go farther than offering you a three-year warranty on all of our security stations and security boxes.

It ensures we’re holding ourselves to the highest standards throughout the design and manufacturing process.

More importantly, it gives you the peace of mind that you’re buying products of superior quality, design, and craftsmanship.


The Security Station will replace any broken part or product resulting from a defect in workmanship within three years of purchase.

Guarantee FAQs

How do I submit a claim?

Please fill out and submit our claim form at the bottom of the page. Please fill out all form fields so we can get the parts you need to you as fast as possible.

What isn’t covered?

While the overwhelming majority of our products are covered by our three-year manufacturer’s warranty, we can’t cover the following exceptions.

  1. Shipping costs for any replacements after one year from purchase.
  2. Any damage not related to defective workmanship, such as normal wear and tear, neglect, accidental and cosmetic damage.
  3. Rust, which is a result of normal wear and tear. It’s escalated by compromised powder coat, extreme outdoor conditions, and not covering or storing the security station when not in use.
  4. Repairs or Replacements by a third party. If you contact us first, we 100% guarantee the replacement of any defective part.
  5. Casters, Covers, and Umbrellas are covered under the warranty for one year starting from the date of delivery. Invoice # required.
  6. Discontinued products. Unfortunately, once products have been discontinued, we can’t produce replacement parts.
  7. Simplex and Schlage locks after one year from purchase.
  8. LED Kits (Battery, Controller, LED Strip) after one year from purchase.
  9. The warranty is non-transferable
  10. Portable Hand Wash Sink has a one year warranty from date of delivery for all components.

Most of our products have replaceable parts making them easy to service when needed. Any issue that arises can likely be resolved by simply replacing a broken part with a new one that we provide for you free of charge, some exceptions may apply. We will replace entire units if we’ve exhausted all other reasonable options.

Guarantee Claim Form

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