Security Stations

The Security Station’s security podiums and desks are the best-selling line of security stations on the market today. From the industry-leading Deluxe Security Podium to the easily portable Compact Security Podium to our top of the line Portable Professional Security Desk and Stainless Steel Security Podium, we have a security station that fits the needs of any security operation. Made of sturdy steel and sealed with a durable powder coat finish, our security stations are built to last and backed by our manufacturer’s guarantee.

A Little Background

In 2007, after having worked in the security industry for years, we saw a need for better equipment and better processes. With that in mind, we set out to manufacture the highest quality security stations on the market at the most competitive prices. Our in-depth knowledge of the security industry and personal experience working for security companies gave us an advantage in designing and manufacturing better security stations and supplies.

Beyond premium products, we saw a lack in the customer service when dealing with other distributors. When we started making our own products we promised to always deliver superior customer support. We have ingrained this into our culture and how we do business.

Meeting Your Needs

When it comes to functionality, we believe a security station should just work. We grew tired of using equipment that made our jobs harder, not easier. Having to deal with security desks and podiums that broke down, or didn’t have the accessories we needed was really frustrating.

A security station should enable your employees, not hold them back. We want your security guards to serve your customers faster and better and we make our equipment to accomplish this goal. Your employees shouldn’t be wasting time on inefficient security equipment. That is why our security stations are intelligently designed to meet your security guards needs.

What Is Your Brand Saying?

We believe that a security station is more than just a piece of equipment for your company. We think of  it is an ambassador for your brand. Your security station is one of the first touch points people you are greeting have with you. Immediately, when people arrive at your bank, airport, casino, or business complex, an image starts to form in their heads about your company. What do you want this picture to be? If your brand could speak (and it does) what would you want it to say?

We keep these questions in mind when we design our products. We want your security station to project the professionalism and quality of your brand and we want the people you are greeting to have a positive experience and feel secure at your place of business.

We think of your guests as our guests and design our products not only with you in mind, but with them in mind as well.

Manufacturing the Best Security Stations on the Market

Yes, we care deeply about our customer service and helping you run a better business with our products, but to accomplish any of that, we needed to have the best products on the market. And to have the best products, we needed to manufacture durable, reliable equipment that will stand the test of time. This is the core of what we do here at The Security Station.

We use 3D modeling software to design our security desks and podiums. They are manufactured with high-grade steel and sealed off with a scratch-resistant, textured black powder coat finish. All of our hardware is zinc coated protecting it from rust and corrosion. The heavy-duty casters are designed to handle rough terrain from pavement to concrete. The greeting countertops son our desks and podiums are brushed stainless steel that has a professional look and holds up to heavy use.

Furthermore, we constantly solicit feedback from our customers to improve the quality and design of our security stations because to us, our work is never finished. Some recent improvements we made to extend the durability of our products include:

Improved Drawers

  • Reinforced the handle of the drawer with an additional plate for support and improved the locking nut to keep it locked firmly in place.

  • Beefed up the welding, strengthening the face of the drawer.

  • Improved locking nuts that secure the sliding tracks.

Improved Handles

  • We beefed up the size of the handles, reinforcing the door and drawer of the podiums.

  • We updated the locking mechanism, firmly securing the handle even after extended heavy use.

  • We switched to high-grade stainless steel, making the handle even more resistant to corrosion and wear.

A customer recently told us that the security podium he bought from us back in 2009 that has “been through hell” is still “completely functional” and one the best purchases his company has made. We love this type of feedback.

Purchasing with Peace of Mind

We believe in building relationships with our customers. Providing value, whether it is our products or our customer support, is what drives us. We care about your business and strive to help you run your company better. This philosophy is in our operating documents in how we speak to our customers and it has helped us become the trusted leader in security equipment.

To further our commitment to our customers, we offer the only guarantee in the security equipment industry where we will replace any broken part or product resulting from a defect in workmanship within three years of purchase.

This guarantee makes sure that we hold ourselves to the highest standard in the manufacturing and design process, but more importantly, it gives you peace of mind in your purchase.

Never Stop Innovating

We strive to be a part in pushing the security industry forward. It’s in our DNA to keep pushing ourselves in all aspects from design to customer support to new ideas.

We spend a lot of time drawing off our own experience, consulting with customers, and testing new ideas to come up with innovative, smart designs. Due to the popularity of the Portable Professional Security Desk, we have noticed a trend for a more stylish, premium look that stands out and differentiates you from your competitors. In the future, we will be creating more products along these lines.

Whether it’s manufacturing high-quality products and providing superior support for our customers or developing new technology solutions, we’re committed to moving the security industry into the future and we’re excited you’ve chosen to be here with us.

Your Trusted Leader

We hope this has given you some insight into who we are and how we think. We are proud to have worked with so many security providers over the years and look forward to continuing to serve the security industry.

Please feel free to browse our site and don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions 888-605-3165. We are in our San Diego office Monday-Friday from 9AM-3PM PST.

Our staff is in a team meeting from 9/26 to 9/28. Please leave a voicemail or email and we will respond as soon as we can.