Your Mobile Security Desk Checklist

So it’s your job to shop for a mobile security desk for your company’s facilities. Wondering what features to look for? Or where to even begin? Well, no worries, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up a list of mobile security desk essentials and nice-to-haves.

The Essentials

Whether you’re looking for a mobile security standing desk or a mobile security computer desk, here are some essentials you’ll want to check off your list before you buy.

  • Secure Storage – You’ll need this for items that you want hidden (except to authorized staff) but handy. For example: computer, camera, first aid kit, manuals, visitor access badges, etc.
  • Dedicated CPU Shelf – You’ll want a dedicated area that provides access to the front and back of your CPU.
  • Slide-Out Keyboard – Make the best use of space by tucking away the keyboard when not in use. Also make sure it’s lockable, so you can restrict access.
  • Spacious Countertop – Choose a desk with ample space for the monitor, documents, and other accessories.
  • Cable Management – Make sure the desk makes it easy to store cables so work and storage areas stay tidy.
  • Heavy Duty Casters – These will allow you to move a heavy desk while the computer and other items stay safely inside.
portable professional security desk features


Once you’ve checked off the essentials, here are a few nice-to-haves that will take your security station up a notch.

Professional Portable Security Desk Sneeze Guard
  1. Upgradeable Locks – High-tech locks let you designate different levels of access to employees (key, code, or a combination of both)
  2. Charging Station – Keep your security tech powered up with a convenient charging station.
  3. Lighting – Adding LED lighting is a definite advantage during a power outage. It also helps add visibility to areas or times of day with low light. 
  4. Sneeze Guard – Keep staff and visitors safe from all threats—including viruses—with a sneeze guard. It will also give them an extra sense of safety.
Mobile Security Desk Checklist

The Professional Security Desk: Check and Check!

The flagship of our line, the Portable Professional Security Desk has all the essentials, plus a few great extras. Crafted from modern stainless steel with a curved design, it’s great for airports, hospitals, business centers, or any other upscale location. Call 877-753-5971 to learn more about our products and purchase a mobile security desk that checks all the boxes for your security needs!

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