The Impact of Branded Security Podiums

Nike. Starbucks. BMW. Companies don’t sell products, they sell experiences! This is especially true for service industries like security. And, the best way to sell an experience is by thoughtfully developing and applying your brand. Your brand is your company’s identity. It’s what makes you stand out from competitors and attract customers.  Branding 101 Creating […]

High-Tech Security Station Blog Header

Understated & Full of Extras:

Today’s High-Tech Security Station The most effective high-tech security station is understated yet full of features designed to support today’s tech. Interwoven into your organization or venue’s experience, it should deliver a discrete yet effective security presence. High-Tech Trends Modern greeting stations need to seamlessly integrate new technology. When security teams are short-staffed, this integration […]

Your Mobile Security Desk Checklist

So it’s your job to shop for a mobile security desk for your company’s facilities. Wondering what features to look for? Or where to even begin? Well, no worries, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up a list of mobile security desk essentials and nice-to-haves. The Essentials Whether you’re looking for a mobile […]

Best Upgrades of 2021

Did You Miss It?: 2021 Security Station Upgrades

In case you missed them, here’s a recap of our 2021 Security Station upgrades. More Work Surface Lighting More light means more visibility, and safety, day or night. Add more light to your security desk with three sets of surface lights that include night and motion-sensing activation. Attach them to your security station, or wherever […]

3 Timely Security Topics

Whether you’re a business owner, company manager, or you head a security firm, these topics are essential for success in 2021 and beyond. #1 Dynamic Duo: Physical + Cybersecurity It’s time to take a holistic view of security by integrating your physical and cyber security teams. A breach in one can easily impact the other. […]

Stress blog

Why Security Guards Are Stressed, and How to Help

According to Ashley Cooper, CEO of Paladin Security Group, the coronavirus pandemic is the most challenging situation the security industry has faced in his career. That’s even if you compare it to the 1987 stock market crash or the 2008 Great Recession. One reason is the constantly shifting demand for security guards. After losing their […]

5 Reasons to Buy a Stainless Steel Security Podium (+ 1 reason you shouldn’t)

Stainless steel is a material we encounter every day… in silverware, our cars, medical devices at the dentist’s or doctor’s office. That’s because stainless steel has many benefits from durability to its sleek style. Here are five benefits that also make it an ideal material for security podiums. Stainless Steel Security Podiums are Durable Sizzling […]

Custom Security Station

Design Your Custom Security Station

The best security station is one that’s customized for your business’s security needs! Our Custom Deluxe Security Podium includes all the security essentials plus a variety of versatile custom features. Start With a Secure Foundation All steel construction gives this custom security desk a strong, durable foundation. It also includes zinc hardware, cam locks with […]

Classroom school reopening plan

School Reopenings: Safety Strategies

Teachers, parents and students are gearing up for the new school year. But with COVID-19 cases on the rise in the U.S., what will that look like? Many districts have decided to stick to fully remote classes in the fall, while others are still debating their school reopening plans. Some educators point to other countries’ […]

Sneeze Guard Collection

Covid-19 Guidelines and Tools

You may be looking around for products to help protect your staff and give your customers peace of mind while the pandemic is still a concern for many. Not only do we offer several products that can help, but our sister company has also produced a handy list of guidelines and products. Check out 9 […]