Why Handwashing Stations Aren’t Just for Restaurants

Why Handwashing Stations Aren’t Just for Restaurants

If you manage a security team or own a security firm, you may think the key to COVID-19 safety is temperature checks. You may also consider frequent handwashing more of a priority for restaurants and bars. However this isn’t the case. 

Wash up the Right Way

Portable Hand Wash System

The CDC recommends all businesses and facilities practice frequent handwashing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. How can you ensure employees and visitors sanitize their hands properly? Just follow these basic guidelines.

When to wash: Whenever possible, advise your security staff to take handwashing breaks after handling employee or visitor badges. They should also wash their hands after they use the restroom, cough, sneeze, blow their nose, place a bandaid on a cut or touch their contact lenses. It’s also become common for facilities to request visitors wash or sanitize their hands before entering.

Learn the soap ropes: You’ll find plenty of handwashing how-tos online. Yet, it’s quite simple: wet, lather, scrub for about 20 seconds and dry. Also, cold water does the job just fine and may actually be better. According to the CDC, water temperature doesn’t affect microbe removal. In other words, cold water cleans hands as well as hot water. Plus, warm water is more environmentally costly and may irritate skin.

Add Handwash Stations

The CDC also suggests having plenty of handwashing stations so employees and visitors have easy access. They’re also a great visual reminder to suds up and get those hands squeaky clean!

Our Portable Hand Wash System

Not sure how to install more sinks in your facility or business? No problem! The Security Station’s Portable Hand Wash Sinks make it easy—no installation required. Position our stand-alone handwashing stations wherever you need them. Call us at 877-750-1457 today to learn more. We’re here to help your staff and visitors stay safe.