3 Timely Security Topics

Whether you’re a business owner, company manager, or you head a security firm, these topics are essential for success in 2021 and beyond.

#1 Dynamic Duo: Physical + Cybersecurity

It’s time to take a holistic view of security by integrating your physical and cyber security teams. A breach in one can easily impact the other. For example, a successful cyberattack on critical power grids can jeopardize the physical safety of businesses, hospitals, government offices and more. As a result, forward-thinking organizations are taking their cue from the Department of Homeland Security and turning their operations into cross-functional centers that tackle both areas of security. Ready to create your own dynamic security duo? Follow these tips.

  • Protect your perimeter: Make sure all your physical security tools work together. For example, integrated door locks, access control, video surveillance, alarms and sensors.
  • Secure interior spaces: Keep data and people safe with convenient access-control methods, like Bluetooth-enabled unlocking via a mobile app. Also consider remote lockdown activation and instant digital guest passes.
  • Boost physical security with cybersecurity: Use cybersecurity tools to boost physical security for hardware and systems that store sensitive data.
  • Make it a Team Effort: Merge your physical and IT security teams to eliminate redundancies, improve productivity, enhance efficiency and increase ROI.
  • Migrate to the Cloud: Cloud data aggregated from access control, video surveillance and other systems will help optimize security operations so your team can make more informed decisions.

#2 A New Kind of Surveillance 

You may also want to reconsider your definition of surveillance. Part of the Internet of Things, an integrated security surveillance platform can do far more than keep your business safe. It can monitor energy use, improve business operations and enhance customer experience. James Ensten, vice president of global channel sales at Rhombus Systems says some systems can “integrate with nonsecurity devices like building infrastructure, electrical power, visitor management systems and more.” Retail stores can count new and repeat shoppers in the store and checkout line. Warehouses can track product flows. Healthcare facilities can monitor patients to optimize response times for better outcomes. Many parking enforcement companies are already using high-tech surveillance systems to increase profits. Long-story-short, don’t just think of surveillance as a crime deterrent. Think of it as an investment in the growth of your business.

#3 Get Ready for Reopenings

Now that COVID-19 vaccines are more readily available, offices are reopening, or planning to reopen soon. This may mean even more security challenges for your business. Be ready for these risks by being proactive. Here are some key issues you might need to tackle.

  • Vaccine resistance – Increased violence and political unrest from visitors and employees who refuse to be vaccinated
  • Frustrated remote workers – Hostile workers who feel forced to return to the office after working remotely
  • New guidelines – Security managers will need to adopt new procedures and enforce new health policies
  • Safe business travel – Companies will need to vet the COVID-19 risk of travel destinations to keep employees safe
  • Proactive physical security – Security leaders must address the need for their onsite teams to view threat data on a consolidated platform

Timely and Timeless: A Reliable Security Desk

While the security landscape may change, one thing’s for certain. You’ll always need a reliable, modern security desk. With electronic equipment storage and more high-tech features, our Portable Professional Security Desk has everything you need for today’s security challenges. Its key features include:

  • Vented cage for PC tower
  • Fold-down drawer for keyboards
  • Brushed stainless steel greeting counter with electronics slot for monitors and paperwork
  • Optional USB charging station with 4 ports that power small devices like walkie talkies and tablets
  • Integrated LED option with rechargeable sealed battery to improve visibility for signs and security staff

So, shop now and keep your business ready for today’s and tomorrow’s security challenges!