Understated & Full of Extras:

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Today’s High-Tech Security Station

The most effective high-tech security station is understated yet full of features designed to support today’s tech. Interwoven into your organization or venue’s experience, it should deliver a discrete yet effective security presence.

High-Tech Trends

Modern greeting stations need to seamlessly integrate new technology. When security teams are short-staffed, this integration frees up valuable human resources. It allows employees to focus on direct interaction with customers and a better, more efficient customer experience. That means you’ll need a station with workspace and storage for multiple monitors plus mobile devices. 

Here’s a snapshot of some key tech trends you’ll want your security station to support.

Cloud-Based AI

Custom Professional Security Desk

Today’s cutting-edge security tech includes artificial intelligence that provides preventive and predictive security data hosted and monitored remotely on the Cloud. A recent survey indicated that 45% of large organizations have already adopted cloud solutions, a significant increase compared to 2020 (only 26%). The line between physical and cyber security is becoming more and more blurred.

MACH Innovation

MACH architecture stands for Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless architecture. Rather than building your entire system on an all-in-one, monolithic architecture, MACH selects best-of-breed providers that connect via an open API platform. The result is a high-tech security system that’s responsive to your unique requirements. This also enables more innovation, flexibility, and adaptability to future security needs. 

Mobile Management

The migration to remote and hybrid work models means that organizations need to know what’s happening in their spaces without being there. This has inspired mobile experiences for keyless door entry access and management. Now, real-time video surveillance, access logs, and smart building system data are just a tap away. So, it’s easier to make decisions and respond to incidents. Also, mobile options to unlock doors, turn on the lights, or notify first responders can significantly increase safety.

Remote Access

Other forms of remote access now allow employees to track and see when deliveries are made, manage lighting and HVAC systems, plus monitor office occupancy–from anywhere in the world. Look for door access control solutions that maximize interoperability and centralize data into a single dashboard, with a single login.

Discrete, Secure & Stylish: Custom Portable Professional Security Desk

Integrate today’s top tech with our  Custom Portable Professional Security Desk! This greeting station offers secure storage and workspace for multiple mobile devices and monitors.  It can also be designed to blend into your decor or stand out with branding, artwork, and signage. Interchangeable panels can be customized with 600+ stylish laminate looks including fabric, stone, patterns, wood, and more. Shop our online store today or give us a call at 877-750-1457.

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