The Impact of Branded Security Podiums

Nike. Starbucks. BMW. Companies don’t sell products, they sell experiences! This is especially true for service industries like security. And, the best way to sell an experience is by thoughtfully developing and applying your brand. Your brand is your company’s identity. It’s what makes you stand out from competitors and attract customers. 

Branding 101

Creating a brand that works is all about the details, and how you use them. To put it simply, “your brand only works if you do”. The name, logo, tagline, and other elements of your brand (or rebrand), should be integrated throughout every inch of your business. 

That means ensuring that your brand elements are displayed anywhere your business reaches customers—from your invoices, emails, and social media sites to your security podiums. That’s how you achieve brand recognition! Brand recognition means customers instantly recognize your brand by your logo, tagline, packaging, or advertising. Here are some additional tips to help you apply your brand across your business.

  • Brands are like people: Think of your brand as a person. Ask yourself, who it is (identity), how it behaves (personality), and how you want customers to remember it (experience). The answers will help you consistently apply your brand voice, visual style, and messaging.
  • Keep it consistent: Establish brand guidelines so you present a consistent, recognizable presence across all platforms and mediums.
  • Stick to a strategy: Develop a roadmap to evolve your brand with long- and short-term goals. 
  • Inspire don’t imitate: Competitive analysis is great, as long as you use it to fine-tune your unique brand. Don’t get lost in the crowd by copying other companies.

3 Ways to Brand Security Stations

Now that we’ve convinced you to brand your security station, we’ll help you do it! Here are three options for branding your security podium.

  1. Vinyl Decal: If your brand identity includes integrating into your client’s locations, vinyl decals paired with a laminate that matches the ambiance of the location is a great choice. Vinyl decals are also ideal for simple logos.
  2. Vinyl Wrap: If your brand or your client’s brand uses a bold, recognizable background color, stay consistent by fully wrapping customer-facing parts of the podium to match the branding. This option is best for larger, more complex designs.
  3. Large Magnet: If your brand focuses on offering customization for your clients, removable magnet artwork may be the way to go. 

Each of our security stations can be customized to match your brand. Our product pages show the available artwork options for each podium style, making it easy to find a design that suits your needs.

Pick the Best Brandable Security Podium

Custom security stations, including our Custom Portable Professional Security Desk, feature interchangeable panels that make them the most versatile, brandable, décor-matching styles we offer.

Wait! There’s More… Inspiration

Need more branding ideas for your security station? Visit our gallery.