4 Simple Ways to Beef Up Security For Your Next Event

With public threats to safety occurring daily, it’s just as important for guests to be safe as it is to have a good time. Event security is becoming more of a priority to many organizers wanting guests to feel safe. Here are four ways you can use our modern, practical, and quality Security Stations and other equipment. Please read our suggestions and reply to the question we have for your team found at the end of this article.

custom deluxe security podium with custom print

Custom Deluxe Security Podium (with custom branded print)

 Investing in Mobile Security Stations

Like a professional guard post or desk, our mobile security stations are designed with durability to endure the harsh expectations of industry usage with the addition of wheels so it is moveable. A security station may seem like a small detail, but the benefits are endless. Our equipment from the Security Station is meant to serve as a post for your security staff to operate. Having a central and an accessible point of contact is great for guest interactions and staff.


Each of our stations has locking drawers and cabinets to keep equipment secure by storing all essential check-in documents such as wristbands, flashlights or restraints. The unit is large commanding a presence that will allow the Security Station desk to act as a portable barricade to an event entry.  If you have a venue that requires guard posts at different locations, our Security Stations are a practical way to meet your needs.

Electronics Ready Mobile Security Station

Our security stations are electronics ready for equipment such as computers or radios with additional charging options. The USB charging units work great for phones or tablets and the high capacity charger has 12 volt, AC and USB outputs that can power laptops or even a PC tower with a monitor.

Portable Professional Security Desk

Portable Professional Security Desk opened with computer and monitor with Radios.

The cabinets of the Portable Professional Security Desk, already have a great setup for PC towers with an additional PC wall option. The Professional offers a large area of storage whether you are storing a PC unit, security ID tags for clients, or holding personal items for employees that they can retrieve after the event. How would your security team use this space?

Providing Communication with Radios and Earpieces

All staff should be able to communicate effectively in case of an emergency. Having centralized equipment makes communication much easier in cases of mass confusion.

comfy headset

Comfy Headset for security staff to use with Radios


When it comes to radios, choose a set with sufficient power that will match the needs of your venue. If you are operating within one building, then a one-watt radio system like RadioBoss Mini will be sufficient. However, if you will be communicating in a large building with multiple floors, or across many buildings, try the RadioBoss Mini-Max with 5 watts.

Earpieces and headsets allow your staff to communicate without holding the radio in their hands. Creating a less cumbersome, and more discreet means of communication that allows for multitasking. The Comfy Headset is an excellent option for staff members because it has a no-nonsense “talk” button for secure communication.

Security Boxes to Keep Track of Guests’ Itemssmall security box

Providing a safe place for guests and staff to put valuable items is an excellent customer service experience for guests. Security boxes like this one have optional hooks and a cam lock. Cam locks make the lock box secure and difficult to break open. That is why Security Station has also made cam locks a standard option for all our podiums which provides a stronger resistance to tampering. Most Security Station podiums offer upgrade options for combination locks or Simplex push button locks. In the case of the Portable Professional Security Desk, the Schlage keypad lock is an optional add on. If the lock or specific features would help you choose which Security Station is best for you, the side by side comparison would a great resource to aid your decision.

Camera System to Record Suspicious Activity

Having a security camera system will allow your staff to witness conflicts that arise during your event. Cameras can be setup to recording systems or phone application to watch the cameras live. Camera footage is crucial to any incident that requires collecting evidence for law enforcement. During an event, security staff should be monitoring live footage from a security station and have communication access to the team on the ground managing the event. This allows for problems to be resolved before they get out of control and create a safety issue for all guests. Investing in security supplies and strategic planning will increase your guests perception of safety and professionalism.

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What type of security equipment does your guard team believe to be the most important for providing safety?