Now Security Pros Can Save 5%+ Buying in Bulk Online

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The Security Station now offers online discounts for bulk buys.

The Security Station is pleased to offer bulk buying on for all security stations. Customers can save 5% on 3-4 or 7% on 5-9 security stations. The process is simple: website users simply select a quantity of 3 to 9 security stations and the bulk discount will automatically be applied. Users planning to purchase 10 or more should call 877-413-7285 to receive the wholesale pricing and savings on shipping costs overall. 

Customers will save per item and on shipping costs with wholesale pricing minus the contractual hassles. This update lets customers get ready for an emergency or new business growth. For example, if a security station is damaged, or there’s a company event that requires additional security checkpoints. Bulk shipping is also often cheaper and better for the environment because it may require less packaging than shipping one item at a time.
Anyone interested in buying security stations in bulk should begin by visiting to browse available products.