Security 4.0: Join the Revolution

Today, many security programs are still highly manual and mostly human-based. They often don’t utilize automation, artificial intelligence, analytics, and machine learning tools that can help humans monitor and react faster, more intelligently, and with more preparation to security incidents. In other words, they haven’t taken their security to the next level, Security 4.0. Wondering how your business can join the Security 4.0 revolution? We found a great article from Security Info Watch that explains everything you need to know. Here are a few highlights that should pique your interest.

The Connected Security Program

An essential part of the vision for Security 4.0 is The Connected Security Program. In this modern approach, complex security infrastructures with multiple sensors collect data that informs security decisions and responses. 

Humans Required

While some tech-powered physical security systems are sophisticated enough to make decisions or perform tasks autonomously, incident response is still a human-centered activity. 

A Safe Route to Security 4.0

Security 4.0 isn’t without its risks. But if you start with the right staff, streamline your systems and stay vigilant you can avoid cyber attacks and other major security issues.

Are We There Yet?

Read the full article here and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more security trend updates. Transitioning your business to Security 4.0 is a never-ending process as business needs and technology change over time. Yet, it’s worth the effort as it improves efficiency and effectiveness, reduces business costs, mitigates risks and makes meeting regulations easier. It also empowers your staff, extending the capacities of humans and technology to create the ultimate security team.

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