Small Ways to Boost Security With Big Data (Part 2)

Part 2: Harnessing Big Data for Your Business

So how do you integrate big data into your security plan? It can be as simple as an inexpensive video upgrade. Or you can take your tech to the next level with AI security or a futuristic security robot.

Define Your Goals

Before you upgrade your security system with the latest big data collection and analysis tools, you’ll need to define your goals. Are you deterring theft? Detecting intruders? Protecting confidential materials or information? Monitoring public spaces for accidents or other liabilities? Is your security team expected to deliver documentation to an insurance provider for incident reporting? Today most security systems have integrated designs that include video cameras, key control, security desks, security guard equipment and patrol routes. But to make the most of your system, you’ll need big data tools that deliver the right data for your business’s security goals.

Size up Your Current System

Keeping your organization’s goals in mind, the right solution may be as simple as video analytic added to an existing video management system for the cost of a software license. However, if you want to automate data and analysis, start by reviewing the capabilities of the security systems you have. For example, the automation platform of your alarm central monitoring station, or the cloud services provided by your video management platform. Not sure where to begin? Hire a big data security firm that can build and execute a plan tailored to your goals. This will lead to lower costs and fewer problems down the road.

Take Advantage of Tech Trends

Autonomous Security Robot by Knightscope, Inc.

2018’s top physical security trends were all about tech. They ranged from simple upgrades like ultra-high definition surveillance cameras to security robots. We’ll walk you through the benefits of each so you can determine what’s best for your business.

6-UHD Surveillance Cameras

Say so long to blurry legacy cameras with limited data storage. Ultra-high definition (UHD) surveillance cameras offer 4K image resolutions, increased footage quality, and often come equipped with motion detection and night vision modes. This makes them capable of being deployed in environments and locations where traditional surveillance cameras may have failed, providing legal evidence when necessary.

Solid-State Drives

Hard disk drives are becoming obsolete. SSDs (Solid-State Drives) are now the popular data storage drives of choice due to their reliability, performance, write speed and ruggedness. These traits allow them to be used when surveillance operations are of a critical nature in government, healthcare or financial organisations.

Cloud-Based Video Surveillance-as-a-Service (SaaS)

By outsourcing their video surveillance operations to a cloud-based SaaS provider, companies are reducing the costs of purchasing and running their own security hardware and software. They also benefit from having SaaS experts manage their video surveillance.

AI Facial and Behavioral Recognition

The same machine learning techniques that distinguish the flutter of a tree’s leaves from an intruder can now identify the threats people carry—and ignore innocuous items that may have been flagged in the past. They’re used in everything from smartphone apps to video security. They’re even being built into the latest IP surveillance cameras. According to Evolv Technology founder Michael Ellenbogen, “anybody who’s in the analytics business can’t afford not to embrace machine learning and AI”.


The cheapest air surveillance option by far, drones are offering a number of surveillance applications that range from crime deterrence and situational awareness, to chasing criminals. They also offer night vision, no-line-of-sight operation, autonomous operation, plus behavioral and object detection. They’re especially useful where manning of security personnel was previously impossible, costly or inefficient—for example, at Illegal border crossings.

Security Robots

Last but not least, security robots are being used by businesses big and small, from local animal shelters to the largest social media and tech companies on the planet. They’re also already being deployed to enhance and support human law enforcement and security efforts. You may spot them in crime-ridden parking lots or dangerous areas like beneath bridges.

Give Big Data a Home Base: The Professional Security Desk

Portable Professional Security Desk opened with computers

Once you’ve chosen the right big data tools for your business, you’ll want a hub for your integrated security plan where security staff can access, analyze and react to that data. The Security Station’s Portable Professional Security Desk has all the features you’ll need. This stand up security desk includes a modern, curved appearance with stainless steel accents. It also comes equipped with a slot to accommodate wiring for PC monitors, iPads, 2-way headsets and more electronic devices. Optional add-ons include Schlage key padlock, a power station with a rechargeable 8-hour battery, integrated LED kit lights, and a 4-port USB charging station.  Have your security manager contact us today to purchase the perfect security station hub for your big data system.