Counter Trim

The Custom Portable Professional Security Desk comes with Stainless Steel Counter Trim. You may change it to black trim by choosing this option. Stainless Steel Counter Trim Black Counter Trim

Custom Printing

Some restrictions apply for custom printing on laminated panels We can print on all 3 panels of your kiosk. To expedite the process, you can upload print ready artwork when placing your order or send it directly to Once received one of our sales representatives will contact you to verify the custom artwork file […]


The optional LED kit upgrade makes the panels glow. The LED kit is powered by a rechargeable cordless battery system with an 8-hour charge cycle. If you need to light up the podium for longer than 8 hours, it can be plugged directly into an electrical outlet. The LED kit also comes with a remote […]

Optional Shelving

A maximum of 4 shelves can be added if a PC wall is not added Up to 3 shelves can be mounted if a PC Wall is added

Door Locks

Key Cam Lock – Standard lock with key. Cam lock needs to be manually locked. Option for keyed alike and keyed different. Combination Cam Lock – Access with the master key or dial in the 4 digit combination. Must be manually locked and does not have the ability to be “slam locked”. Resettable combination w/ […]

Lock Box

A large slot lets you easily insert envelopes, tags, cash, checks, and tickets. Easily mount the lock box to any of your security stations Heavy duty construction and Black textured powder coating ensures long-lasting durability Unique keying for each lock box means 100% security for all valuables

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