International Orders

Do you accept international orders?

We do not ship international orders (except in Canada). However, if you are willing to schedule a freight forward to pick up from our warehouse we will work with you on getting the order done.

Will you accept Checks or Credit Cards for international orders?

No, we will only accept ACH and wire transfers. Once the transfer has been in our bank for 48 hrs we will then schedule your order.

Does your 3-year warranty apply to international orders?

No, the warranty is void for all international orders (except Canada). We will continue to ship replacement parts under the same terms as freight. The wire must be done beforehand and shipping handled on the customer’s side.

Will duties and taxes be included?

We will not be responsible for any fees outside of the products we are shipping. Broker fees, duties, and taxes are the responsibility of the customer and not the responsibility of The Security Station company.

Will you handle my freight forwarder for the entire order if I pay?

We will work with you and supply the commercial invoice and packing list. We will include the commodity and origin information, as well as the pallet size, dims, and class but we will not communicate with the freight forward outside of these documents. You’ll be responsible for setting up the BOL, pick up appointments, and making sure we have a copy of it.

If there are other documents needed or other parts of the shipment that need to be managed outside of the above described details, you will be responsible for overseeing and supplying everything as required. We recommend doing due diligence ahead of ordering to make sure you know exactly what will be required for a safe delivery as that will not be managed by us.

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