Designer Series Warranty


The implied warranty of merchantability is disclaimed under the following circumstances:

The Designer Series comes with a one year limited manufacturer’s parts warranty. It covers defects which are the result of errors in manufacturing.

 The warranty does not cover damage from misuse, abuse, or normal wear and tear.

Any damage from weather will be considered misuse. Using the station in an area that does not provide enough coverage from outside elements will result in a termination of the warranty.

As for cleaners, please contact The Valet Spot before using any materials/solutions other than a soft cloth and water. This way we can verify the finish or signage will not become harmed. Using any cleaners listed here will ruin the finish and result in a termination of the warranty. Not contacting The Valet Spot before using any cleaner other than a soft cloth and water will terminate the warranty. See more details here on cleaners and maintaining your Designer Series.

The parts warranty does not cover expedited shipping costs, damage that occurs during transit (unless noted at delivery), or work from a third party.

Guarantee Claim Form

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